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Oh no he didn't!

Someone's a little cranky!

So apparently Anthony's been holding a lot back per his Entertainment Weekly interview:

"Really? Don’t listen to Tim Gunn?
Don’t listen to Tim Gunn. I’ll give you a great example. Jonathan, when we did the second Heidi Klum challenge, the one that I won, ohhh Tim was just worshipping him, [saying] “Oh my god, this is so amazing, she’s gonna love it.” Fifteen minutes later, she walks in and says, “Oh my god, what would ever make you think [I'd like] this?” And Tim stood his ass there and didn’t even open his mouth. He didn’t say a word! No, honey. Any contestant trying to go on Project Runway, know who you are, and pay these blogs no attention because they’re just the people that nobody likes because they have bad attitudes. I’m really at the point where I’m sick of these blogs. I’m like, honey, get a life. It’s just television.

What blogs?

I don’t read blogs. But people are telling me things. Even other contestants are telling me things that people are saying about them on blogs. I was just talking to [fellow season 7 contestant] Jesus the other day and Jesus was telling me people were being so mean to him. And I was like, “Jesus, don’t pay any attention. Because at the end of the day, they’re taking notes and writing about your experience and it’s better to be blogged about than to be sitting at home blogging.” These are people who have no accountability for the things they say and they hide behind a mask."

Well! Smell her!

Ah, whatever. "I was on a reality show and people made fun of me on the internet" is about as valid a complaint as "I went swimming and now I'm all wet." The ones who have a sense of humor about themselves and know how to play the game know that the blogs can be quite handy in getting the publicity a reality show contestant post-reality show needs above all else. And besides, what does he have to complain about? As far as we can tell, the blog-wide consensus seems to be that he's beloved. Relax, Anthony. You're gonna want to maximize this period of attention. Go with it and don't be so defensive.

Source: 'Project Runway' exit interview: 'Don't ever listen to Tim Gunn and never second-guess yourself' [EW]

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