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PR: Auf Wiedersehen!

First Pandora Boxx and now this.

Oh Pixar. Like you, we saw this coming.

Unlike you, we were praying you would snap out of your -totally understandable and justified! - "fuck the judges" mood and pull it together.

But once Heidi came in and all but trashed what you were working on (including that gorgeous print-like "curtain" fabric), we knew your sense of self worth as a designer had all it can stands and it can't stands no more.

"Heidi mentions that she wants 'all sorts of draping pieces that they all lay over each other and go into the skirt and swirl around the dress!' That's a dress that probably would take about a week to make, so if I start now I should be done next Thursday."

So yeah. Everything from that point on was basically Jonathan flipping the bird on his way out.

Model: Brandise Donewich

Not that he didn't try and pull something together. It's just that once you think "I'll make something I hate because the judges always hate when I make something I love," you're flailing and you're not sure you care anymore. Especially when, in your quest to make something you hate, you burn through three dresses trying to come up with the best dress you hate.

And hey, if Jonathan hates this dress we're right there with him because we hate it too.

That front is a pinned and draped and twisted mess with no elegance or grace to it.

Although strangely, the back almost worked. The draping was nice, at least.

But he managed to shock even Heidi, the international spokesperson for gyno-skirts, with how short this was. To be honest, we don't know what the hell he was thinking with that. And the hem's a mess (because this is dress #3).

We don't think it's fair to say that he gave up, but he did reach a point where his frustration had boiled over and he felt there was nothing left for him to do to get the judges' approval. Part of us was hoping that we were seeing a sly winner's edit and he was going to pull something amazing out of his ass at the last second, but it was not to be.

Aside from the fact that we personally found him the most entertaining designer of the season (as well as one of the sweetest), we're sorry to see him go from the competition. We don't always respond well to his point of view but he left no doubt that what he loves doing, he loves doing because it's coming from his soul. We started out the season cracking wise like the wisenheimers we are about that whole "gritty meets pretty" but we totally get it now and we wish him all the best in realizing his particular vision.

Au revoir, Pixar.

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