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PR: Congratulations (Part 1)!

Strangely drama-free drama, kittens!

It's more than a little lame to have two "make a dress for Heidi" challenges in the same season. Especially when they were bringing in a movie star guest judge. Why not a "make a dress for Jessica Alba" challenge? Is Heidi getting a little Tyra?

Anyway, there was a ton of drama last night, or rather, there were a lot of events, most of which garnered no reaction at all, strangely. Prozac Runway.

And what are we to make of the resolution to the Mayan Mystery? It's weird, wouldn't you say? Rather than condemn the girl before we get a chance to speak with her about it, we'll just say that it looked to us like she either held back on the real explanation or there was a lot off-screen stuff that would probably put it in better context if we were all aware of it.

Blahblahblah....Emilio blahblah.

Sorry, kittens. We're a little bored with Project Emilio, which is what season 7 is turning out to be. He hasn't broken the record yet - he's got 4 wins, tying S1 Kara Saun, but falling behind S2 Danny V's 5 wins - but this is his third win in a row, making the last month of the show a bit too Emilio-heavy for us. Plus there's the constant attempts by the producers and editors to make him into a villain (when all he is is a cocky guy who runs his mouth off), which only adds to our ennui.

Still, it's a little weird that this is the second time Emilio was a winner in a double win. It's like they're afraid to give the win to someone else without also giving it to him.

Model: Lorena Angjeli

On the other hand, it was kind of hard to argue with this win. Like him or not; like this dress or not, it IS a textbook red carpet dress.

Like so:
Armani Privé Spring 2007 Couture Collection
Model: Vlada Roslyakova

Which isn't to suggest that Emilio's design is a ripoff; just that it's, well, basic. And while "basic" is normally not a winning concept on this show, it's pretty much exactly what you want to go for with the red carpet, an arena not exactly known for showcasing innovation or the avant garde.

Having said that, we do think Emilio's look isn't particularly trendy as far as the red carpet goes. We don't think it's a coincidence that it reminds us so much of an Armani Privé from three years ago. The red carpet now is more about embellishments in the overworked Marchesa manner.

What you want on the red carpet is essentially a sexy and glamorous high end prom gown. More importantly, that's what HEIDI wants because that's how she always dresses.

Well, there you go: sleek, sexy, and glamorous. This was fitted near perfectly.

Although there were technical issues in the butt area, Bob.

And some weird bumps around her hips and pelvis.

But we like the color and we like the little detail on the bustline.

We thought the double win was el lameo grande, but it's no coincidence that the two winning looks were both beautiful, but very basic designs. Which is why a red carpet challenge is kind of boring, especially when you make Heidi the client.

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