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PR: Congratulations (Part 2): Miss Sophia Home Now!

Pass me those peas!

Can anyone truly say they were surprised? We never got around to ripping his collection after his auf'ing, but that was only because we didn't have enough time, but to be honest, by the time Thursday rolled around and we still hadn't gotten to it yet, we figured the hands of producer manipulation were on our side and we could get to it later when it would be more appropriate.

Still, it was sweet. Those bitches genuinely do love him.

Model: Monique Darton

We, on the other hand, do not genuinely love this dress. You want to hear something really bitchy? We were just talking it out and we both came to the conclusion that this really isn't the kind of attention-getting, picture-taking kind of dress a star would wear on a red carpet. This is more like something a producer's wife would wear. Appropriate and elegant, but nothing that anyone's going to notice.
But it wasn't just the style that underwhelmed us, it was also the amazingly poor execution. When you're doing such stark color-blocking, you better make sure it's all flawless or you're going to see the mistakes from 20 feet away. Look at that incredibly uneven seam in the skirt.

And that bodice is just weird to us.

We get that the white part was supposed to be floaty and toga-like, rather than fitted the way the black part is, but why does it look so smooshed and sloppy? In fact, look how uneven the line is on the black part. A lot of wiggly lines on this thing.

We liked it much better from the back. Attention must be paid to that skirt, which moved beautifully and which we suspect is what ultimately charmed the judge(s).

And we do like the asymmetrical straps.

It's a rather pedestrian design somewhat inelegantly executed, so why exactly did this merit a win, especially when they already had a winner?

Our theory:
She may have been a total charisma void and a dud in terms of her personality, but our theory is this: Heidi wanted to give the win to Emilio but Jessica not only loved Anthony's, but shocked everyone by saying she wanted to wear Anthony's. How do you tell someone "You're the runner up, but our movie star guest judge wants to wear your dress, which you designed for the red carpet, on the red carpet. Mmkay, you can leave the runway now, bye!"

"Emilio, YOU'RE THE WINNER! Congratulations! No one here wants to wear your dress, though."

And certainly, the producers must have loved the poetic justice of it as well as knowing how well it would have played with the viewership. So congrats Miss Sophia. We may not have loved it, but the people who mattered did. And if Alba actually goes through with her promise and wears this dress, that's two BIG wins for Anthony, what with the Marie Claire cover.

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