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PR: Jay

The forgotten little designer.

What's up with that? Jay gets the least screen time out of all the remaining designers. Clearly he needs to work on his paranoia and catch phrases.

Model: Brittany Oldenhoff

He also needs to work on his editing.

We thought the judges were a little hard on this dress. It's not that we disagreed with their points so much, but with their tone. They all made it sound like this was much worse than it actually is. Some minor edits and it would be a really cute dress.

Edit #1: The Mickey Mouse tits have got to go.

We're puzzled by this one because Heidi made it clear in the workroom that she wasn't loving the space between the cups. Maybe he didn't have time to change.

Edit: 2: Pick a direction and stick with it. Something about the horizontal pleating with the vertical ruffles is giving us eyestrain.

Edit # 3: The butt, Bob. The judges shrieked and tore their garments over the silhouette as if none of them had ever seen a bubble skirt before.

Yes, we know this isn't a bubble skirt but it's the same silhouette and they all acted appalled that a silhouette enhancing a woman's hip area was some completely unheard-of and offensive concept.

Is it us, or are the judges playing to the cameras a bit too much this season?

To our eyes, the problem with the silhouette wasn't so much the big butt, but the way the waist sits and how the top transitions into the skirt. It's too abrupt and it looks a skosh too low on her. A more elegant transition from bodice to hip might have made this look less butt-focused.

And while we loved and were impressed by the detail in the bodice, we think the relative lack of color on this piece didn't help. Something with a little more pop so the details stand out in a photograph.

We think he suffers from that age-old PR affliction: techniquitis. The tendency to throw every trick in your trick bag at the dress form. They're good trick. We just don't need to see all of them at the same time.

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