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PR: Jay


Oh, kittens. It's not Jay's fault that this entry is going to be bitchy and negative. He just happened to be the designer on deck when we hit the wall for this episode.

Once we got Emilio's and Anthony's dresses out of the way, we knew the remaining posts for this episode were going to get increasingly difficult to write because all three of the remaining designers made the exact same mistake:

They all made literal ringmaster's costumes.

Model: Brittany Oldehoff

At least this one didn't have any stripes. Problem is, stripes probably would have helped this look by taking it slightly away from such a literal interpretation.

We were a little flabberghasted when Jay expressed dismay and confusion that anyone would call this a Michael Jackson jacket. Really, Jay? Were you that close to the work that you couldn't see it? YOU PUT EPAULETS ON IT, for god's sake.

Which isn't to say we hate the outfit. In fact, we like it better than all the other looks with the exception of Emilio's. It's just that it was too literal for this challenge.

We like the black bands trimmed in gold, but we hate that panel over her stomach. Not flattering and not very pretty.

Also, he has a tendency to make his necklines very wide which sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. We don't think it works very well coupled with a military-esque jacket.

But like Nina, we do love those pants, which are so fabulous and modern that they save the entire look.

Sure, they're not for everyone but we love the combination of the extremely low waist coupled with a huge waistband and pleats. Definitely not a look everyone can pull off but from a design perspective, it's fabulous.

We haven't gotten to Mila's entry yet but we'll let the bitchy cat out of the bag now: we think there was no question that this was a better look than her inexplicably praised mess. Too literal, yes, but there was enough good in the look to over ride that criticism and besides, it was, like almost all of Jay's work, impeccable. No one could say that about Mila's wrinkled pile of cliches.

Conspiracy theory time! Get your tinfoil hats out! Could it be that the producers feared an all-male finale (even though they had two consecutive all-female finales) what with the Lifetime demographic and that's why they couldn't bring themselves to just send Mila home? Discuss.

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