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PR: Mila

Last but not least. Although it's damn close.

We'll try and work up a response here, but once again, this will probably be a short post. Best to get this one out of the way because the RuPaul post is going to take forever to write.

One thing we want to address is the editing on this show. To the home viewer (or at least to these two home viewers) Mila comes across a little needy and a little annoying but the other designers, both on the show and in post-show interviews, have had some pretty not-nice things to say about her. Couple that with the fact that the designers also have some REALLY not-nice things to say about Emilio and we're left wondering just how much stuff was left on the cutting room floor. If they're as bad as the designers say, then why aren't we seeing more evidence of that? If Mila's such a bitch and Emilio has been getting into fights with Tim, WE WANT TO SEE THAT. Not because we love the drama (although we do) but because we want the full story. Designers are saying ON CAMERA how much they dislike her, yet we're left wondering why.

We're reminded of the story from last season when the model refused to wear Ra'mon's dress after he dyed it in the toilet. That would have made for a classic Project Runway moment, yet for whatever reasons, it was edited out of the show. Do the people at Bunim/Murray just not understand how to put a show like this together?


Model: Brandise Danesewich

Two things: One, it's not as bad as we remembered, and two, it's one of the (and we rarely use this word to describe designs) UGLIEST looks we've ever seen on this show. That probably sounds contradictory. Let's break it down.

We had this pegged as a sloppy, poorly executed mess, but when we pulled up these pictures we had to admit it wasn't as badly made as we thought.

In fact, considering all the elements, it's fairly well made. We also realized that this wasn't nearly as literal as we thought, at least not in comparison to Jay's and Seth A's, both of which we thought looked like literal circus costumes. This at least had the benefit of looking a little different and imaginative. Thus ends the "damning with faint praise" portion of our program.

There is SO MUCH going on with this look that it hurts our eyes. That pink and that yellow are ugly as hell and pairing them with each other only makes them look uglier.

And while we've had issues with Mila's work in the past, lack of editing never seemed to be one of her problems before now. Literally half of these elements would have been more than enough. And that collar is hideous.

Essentially, Mila and Jay were tied for last place. He had a well-made outfit that was too literal and unimaginative. She had a relatively well-made outfit that was eye-searingly ugly but at least it showed some imagination. We're going to walk back from our proposed conspiracy theory of yesterday, because frankly, we can't decide which one is the greater sin and apparently the judges couldn't either.

And that's us writing a short post.

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