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PR: Ripping the Collections: Anthony - Part 2

Second verse, worse than the first.

Super-cute and chic. Next to the grey dress with the purple paillettes, this is our favorite look.

We think this dress is clumsy-looking. For one, when you have two different silvers on the same garment, it never looks right to our eyes. Second, we're not saying it needed a belt, but it definitely needed something to transition from the bodice to the skirt. That line cutting across her middle isn't attractive. Third, the bodice itself looks too broad and stiff and it clearly doesn't fit her well. We're not crazy about that thick ribbon effect either.

We go back and forth on this. We like the various elements, but we tend to think there are too many for one dress. The pleating plus the high waist plus the mermaid skirt plus the sheer top plus the little sleeves plus the beading. It would have been better served with a little editing.

We're not crazy about this dress. You have ten looks to show the world. If one of them is going to be a very basic silver metallic mini-dress, you better zhuzh it up with some sort of fabulous twist. As we said, we really don't like that thick ribbon effect on the bodice. It's overdone here, making it look too thick and heavy and besides,

It's been done. Elie Saab spring 2008 Couture. It's a fairly distinct element from a recent high-profile collection and it was worn by one of his muses, Beyonce. The case for being referential is a little damning. And besides, Elie Saab did it better.

Heavy and funereal. And the straps are too far apart, making her look broad. That's something he does a lot.

In the end, we say he's got some talent for making high impact, high glam, very photogenic dresses. We think he's got some maturing to do as designer, though. His aesthetic doesn't require innovation so it's not a crime if it's lacking in that area, but it does require a voice. Even his best looks are fairly standard and when he tried to do something different it was too close to another designer's work. If he finds that voice he could be the Bob Mackie or Nolan Miller of his generation.


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