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PR: Ripping the Collections: Emilio - Part 2

Third floor: Women's Wear, Housewares, and Marital Aids. Please watch your step.

While there is some nice detailing with draping and seams, this is too basic a dress for a design competition. It's a cute dress, but it's a very done dress.

Oh dear. It looks like we're going to be as annoyingly repetitive in this post as in the previous one. Again, cute and a little stylish with some nice details like the cuffs and the belt, but still too simple; still not demonstrating that he is a designer.

It's a snazzy look. The detail on the sleeves is a little weird. The infamous esosa print isn't really that awful. The problem was he used it to make entire dresses instead of using it like an accent as he did here, which works well.

Basic faux turtleneck, basic coat, basic micro-mini done up in an absolutely HIDEOUS metallic that comes out of nowhere.

And speaking of coming out of nowhere...

We were puzzled as to why the judges praised this look so much. It's just all right. We're not crazy about that metallic at all and we think the entire look comes out of left field, owing nothing to any of the previous looks shown.

Let's clear something up that erupted in the comments section from part 1. "What's wrong with department store clothes?" Nothing is wrong with them. As we said, most of these looks are very good, very wearable. The thing is, this is a design competition. Showing ten looks that you can pretty much pick up at any Macy's or Kohl's across the country isn't going to impress the judges and definitely shouldn't be considered for a win.

It's a shame, really. Emilio demonstrated over and over again during the competition that he DOES have the chops to be a designer. We're thinking he got way too caught up in the business aspect of it and didn't pay enough attention to the design aspect, meaning he was thinking of this collection in terms of buyers when he should have been thinking about the judges. Additionally, it has to be said, most of these looks are either basic or dated. There's little here that we can point to and say "That's modern." Once again, Tim came in for a little vindication here because he tried his best to say all this to Emilio but their relationship was so adversarial at that point that Emilio just wouldn't listen. And we're not saying who's at fault there because really, how could we know? Sometimes nice people just don't get along for a variety of reasons.

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