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PR: Ripping the Collections: Jay - Part 1

Our pick (and a lot of others') for the winning collection.

We've said it all in the previous post on this topic, but just to reiterate and possibly clarify: We think both Mila and Jay showed strong looks to the judges and ultimately both had very strong collections. However, based on the three looks shown, we would have given the edge to Jay over Mila. That doesn't mean his work is without its problems (nor does it mean we think her work was bad). It just means that in terms of innovation, point of view, and interest, Jay's work is slightly above Mila's.

Let's start the show.

Not the strongest look with which to open. Still, it's a fantastic coat. Let's get this out of the way: Jay, by his own admission, likes to emphasize the hip and butt area, so no, these aren't clothes that every woman is going to want to wear. Personally, we think he should have decided on one element, either the unusual hem or the fluffy/ruffly embellishment. Putting both at the hip was a bit much for one look. Love the collar, though. And love the tailoring and detailing.

Again with the hips. But y'know? We think this one requires a closer look. To our eyes, he rather ingeniously placed those pockets high on the hip, before it gets to its widest part. So yes, it accentuates the hip, but it doesn't make it look any bigger than it is. Again, not every woman is going to want to wear something like this, but frankly, the criteria shouldn't revolve around such concerns on this show. It didn't used to. Or did every woman want to wear Jay McCarroll's clothes (or Chloe's, or Jeffrey's, or Irina's, etc.)?

Love the seaming on this one but yes, it's a little too short.

LOVE the pants, don't love the top, HATE those shoulder pads. We do really love those pants, though. It's a shame. They ALMOST make the look, but those shoulder pads really detract from it.

Okay, yes. Those pants are RIDICULOUS. On the other hand, that wrap is amazing. He keeps doing this: pairing amazing pieces with pieces that detract from it. That's his biggest problem: editing. Anyway, the shrug: love the collar and the sleeves. We think that horizontal slit was one idea too many for one garment though.

Finally a look that we love wholeheartedly. The pants could be fitted a little better but that's the only criticism. We really, really love that vest. Consider this: a vest is about as basic as one article of clothing can be. There are virtually no variations out there for the vest. Jay managed to design a vest that looks unlike any vest we've ever seen before.

That's what makes him, in our opinion, an interesting designer who deserved a shot at winning the big prize. Not one of the designers left in the competition are innovative on the level he is. They all have interesting points of view and produce stylish and well-made clothes, but of the final four, Jay was clearly above the others in terms of doing the interesting and unexpected.

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