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PR: Ripping the Collections: Jonathan - Part 1

Pixar on the runway.

When Jonathan came out onto the runway in his Little Lord Flauntmyass getup, we clapped out hands in glee and settled down to see what he was going to show us. As we said before, we appreciate his aesthetic but it doesn't always work for us. It was no different for his runway collection which, at the time, we mostly didn't like but the more we look at it, the more we find ourselves picking out pieces or details that appeal to us. We tend to respond to his "pretty" more than his "gritty," which oftentimes he seems to define as "clumsy-looking" or "unflattering," two concepts that probably shouldn't be promoted if you want a fashion career.

Let's start the show.

This was probably too simple and subtle a look for your first look. We like it, though. You can see his trademark cutout effect being put to good use here and we love the jewelry. The only criticism is that the whole thing looks too wide and blousy for us.

THIS should have been the first look. Dramatic and beautiful. At first we thought that tweed was a bad choice for a skirt until we realized that ain't no skirt. Those are pants and they're pretty fabulous.


Do not like, kittens. We hate to ask this because it's kind of pedestrian of us, but an outfit like this practically begs for the question to be asked: Who is wearing this and where is she going? To us, it just looks like a lot of concepts strung together without enough thought given to the whole look and what it's for.

This is a half and half outfit. Half good and half bad. The bad: Those saddlebag pockets. Foregoing the age-old question of whether or not most women want to make their hips look better, they just look incongruous and tacked-on to the rest of the dress. Also, The back looks busy and inelegant, especially as compared to the front. We J'ADORE the front of the skirt and the cutout detail and we like the top very much except we wish it wasn't so shiny and the bow wasn't so big.

We get it - and truth be told, we think it's kind of cute - but the collar is too much. It looks like her neckbrace exploded. Besides, we tend to think that if you've only got ten looks to make an impression, none of those looks should be simple and basic with just one embellishment to make it seem interesting.

BALMAIN for women