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PR: Ripping the Collections: Jonathan - Part 2

Darlings, you didn't think we forgot Pixar, did you?

Might as well say it: there were things to like in the first half, but for us, it all collapsed in the second half. To say we don't get this look is an understatement. She looks like a depressed circus acrobat.

It's a very basic dress but the only thing that gives it any interest, that...thing on her shoulder, is the one thing we dislike the most about it. Also not crazy about long chains.

From depressed circus acrobat to Satanic magician's assistant. Apparently there's a movie playing in Jonathan's head and these are all the costumes for it. That's the only thing we can think because we can't imagine he's seriously suggesting that women are going to wear this walking down the street.

NO. ABSOLUTELY NOT. What on earth is he thinking with this? We're all for the gritty, but come on, Jonathan, throw in at least a little bit of pretty now and then. This is ugly and clumsy and weird for no reason. We can't help thinking of a magician's trick with those things on her boobs. Like if you lift them away there will be two white doves in cages or something.

If we find out he really was going for some sort of magician theme here, we owe ourselves a major back-pat for figuring it out, but frankly, we don't think that's likely. We're just scrambling to come up with SOME sort of explanation for this.

And PRESTO! It turns into a dress from an entirely different collection! There is virtually nothing in the previous looks to make you think this look belongs here. Aside from the cohesiveness issue, this is just plain strange to us. Toilet paper with rocks glued to it.

We wanted to like this collection and like we said, there were a few bits here and there with promise. But for the most part, we have to admit, Jonathan's is an aesthetic that we do not get at all. We're all for changing the paradigm and thinking outside the box, but at the end of the day, the pieces all have to have SOME sort of aesthetic value to us and most of these just don't.

BALMAIN for women