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PR: Ripping the Collections: Mila - Part 1

Do not adjust your monitors, darlings. There's nothing wrong with the color display, it's just time for Mila's collection.

Of the three finale collections, there was no question in our minds that Mila's was the most focused. She never once deviated from her very strict through-line of graphic, black and white, mod-inspired pieces and the result was a thoughtful and chic collection. Seth A threw a couple WTFs down the runway and Emilio had at least one "Where the hell did THAT come from?" piece, but Mila's was consistent and cohesive the whole way through. Like Seth A's collection, you could look at this and without being told whose it was, know immediately that it was hers.

Additionally, she wisely took the judges' advice and went outside her comfort zone in the styling which gave the collection a very editorial feel even though the looks themselves were wearable as-is.

Let's start the show.

This is an impeccably crafted piece and a very eye-catching one. Our only issue (and we admit this is totally a chacun à son goût moment) is that we're simply not crazy about that blousson silhouette that she loves so much. You have to be stick-skinny to carry it off. Love that she paired it with black tights, but we're not at all that crazy about those mummy wrap gloves.

We tend to think the styling worked against this look. The coat is nice, if a little unremarkable. There is, to our way of thinking, too much going on with that dress. Mila likes to do contrasting patterns but this isn't working for us. Lorenzo likes the dress on its own but Tom thinks the blocking is distracting and a little unflattering. Combine the dress with the coat with those focus-pulling shoes and it's a look that has your eyes wandering all over it, not knowing where to settle.

We LOVE this look. It's a dress that could be worn be a wide range of women of various ages and body types. We love the little hint of contrasting stripes sticking out of the bottom as well as the patterned tights. We kind of hate that jewelry, though. Why would you wear a necklace that matches your dress exactly?

Now THAT is a kick-ass coat. Love the patchwork quality and the asymmetrical hem. Those pants on the other hand, no. We just can't get behind a white pair of clam-diggers with a black tuxedo stripe. On what human being would those look good?

Probably our favorite look of the whole collection. Super-chic and wearable at the same time. It's a little wink to the iconic YSL Mondrian dress, but with a totally modern feel to it. This is an instance where her use of matte and shiny really works. We also love the tights with the fishnet cut-out and this is one instance where the leg-warmer style gloves really work, especially paired with the scarf. Just a perfect look from tip to toe.

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