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PR: Ripping the Collections: Mila - Part 2

Chapter 2: Things Fall Apart

The Duchess loved that top but we can't say we agree. The shiny strip down the middle doesn't strike us as particularly flattering, especially on that boxy top. The skirt is nothing to write home about either. Nice enough, but not a winner by any stretch. The gloves are really starting to annoy us.

We love that top and we love like those shorts. The problem is, we don't love them together. Again with the gloves. We also think that bag wasn't the greatest styling choice. Having that heavy line cut across a top that already had a lot going on made it look a little clumsy and inelegant.

It's got an eazy, breezy chicness to it, but the only real interest is in the back, which we love a lot. That necklace is fab.

We're split down the middle. Lorenzo loves this look and Tom hates it. That patent leather bra is such a bizarre idea. We both agree that she deserves props just for the originality of it, but while Tom thinks it looks insanely out of place on that dress, Lorenzo thinks it looks fierce. You make the call. Also, we're not all that crazy about the asymmetrical hem here.

This is a stunner of a dress. We realize the black tights and the heavy shoes were something of a theme with this collection (along with the gloves), but we can't help thinking a bare leg and a sandal would rock the hell out of this look. The inside of the skirt has a contrasting stripe which, again, is thematically appropriate for the collection, but we think the dress would have been better without it.

At the finale party Seth Aaron and his wife were singing the praises of this collection. They both loved it. Seth started talking about how similar their aesthetics are and then corrected himself, realizing that outside of the fact that they both use black and white, stripes, and have a somewhat retro aesthetic (him: '80s, her: '60s), they're really not that similar. We suggested that we could see the same woman having pieces from both their collections in her closet, to which they both said "EXACTLY." It's true. There is a similar sense of chic-ness and in-your-face style to both collections. While Seth's looks tend to be very tailored and close to the body, Mila goes for that boxy, sack dress-inspired kind of silhouette. Why are we comparing them? Because despite how it shook out in the judging, we feel that Mila was a very close second to Seth A's win. Both collections were very strong and very cohesive with a couple of clunky looks. In the end, we tend to agree with Seth that the judges were looking for a little more in the way of showmanship and Mila's ready-to-wear collection, while dramatic and eye-catching, didn't have the same wow factor that Seth's did.

And we're done! TEN Bryant Park collections, ripped to shreds. A new T Lo record. If you're thinking of leaving us now, don't you dare, bitches. As always, the times when PR is on hiatus are the times when we get to break out of our mold a little and have a wider range of topics that require our loving form of bitchery. Besides, we've got the end of Lost, the rest of V and Glee, the return of Mad Men, The Fashion Show, and yes, even Project Runway Season 8 all coming up in the next couple of months. Plus we're finally going to find out who the ultimate Virgin or Vixen is and as always, we're going to keep telling celebrities how to dress correctly. If you leave me now, you'll take away the biggest part of me, poodles.

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