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Racks vs. Runway: Alexander McQueen Spring '10

Time for your Monday Morning Pretty.

Or at least your Monday Morning Pretty Fabulous. The ready-to-wear versions of Alexander McQueen's spring 2010 collection is online and we thought it would be interesting and illuminating to showcase it.

There is almost always a difference between what you see on the runway and what winds up on the racks. To refresh your memory of the runway looks, you might want to go here. It's interesting to note that the prints are as crazy as they ever were but the silhouettes are far more traditional and far simpler than the runway looks. It's also interesting how they styled the models for the pictures. Just similar enough to the runway looks but, again, a little simpler and more traditional. After all, those horned hairstyles may have looked interesting on the runway, but when it comes to getting the ladies to part with their hard earned cash, you want to tone down the weirdness just enough to sell the looks while remaining true to the aesthetic of the runway show.

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