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PR: Seth Aaronology

Seth A, step up to the judging circle, please.

Darlings, if you're new here, this is something of a T Lo tradition. We take a look at all the garments made during the competition by each finalist to see if we can find certain themes and motifs and even weaknesses.

And we'll be honest, we picked the easiest one to go first. Seth A is the easiest because he's the most consistent of the finalists and has the strongest point of view. In fact, he manages to apply his point of view quite well to challenges that you wouldn't think would support it, like the Heidi red carpet challenge and even the circus challenge (although that one had results that were decidedly mixed).

We can see that Seth A avoids color when he can, choosing to work mostly in blacks and whites. We can also see that, given the choice, he'd rather make a pair of pants than a skirt (he was forced to make dresses for #3, 4, and 11) and if he has to make a skirt, he'd rather it was short. He simply doesn't do gowns unless he's forced to. And then there are the jackets. We said back when we were looking at his pre-show portfolio that his jackets were fabulous and he didn't disappoint in the competition. He did tend to return to roughly the same jacket design again and again: very fitted with an attention-getting collar. It's also interesting to note that when he does make pants, he tends to add something unique to the design, whether it's a row of buttons or a stripe down the leg. They're always high-waisted, though.

Ultimately, his greatest strength is also a potential weakness: there is such a thing as being TOO consistent. When you have only ten looks to show, you better make sure at least some of them are outside your wheelhouse, otherwise the judges are going to claim your collection was too safe and too expected. In addition, if he's not careful, that rocker aesthetic can come off looking awfully dated and costume-y. If that's where your inspiration lies, you better make sure you bring something new to the table.

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