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T LOunge

This is IT, Bitter Kittens!

No jet-setting international bar tonight, darlings! Since WE'LL be attending a Bluefly-sponsored finale party at LAURA BENNETT'S FABULOUS LOFT, why don't you all meet us there? Laura's co-hosting the event with some guy we never heard of named Anthony Williams, but we understand he doesn't like bloggers so we'll be sure to steer clear.

But if drinks get thrown in faces, we'll be sure to tweet the hell out of it. Stay tuned!

So here's your last chance, poodles. State your predictions for the winner. The moody guy, the moody girl, or the guy who never has a bad mood?

Also, stay tuned after the finale:
Because everyone gets their bitch on and tells it like it is. We're thinking Mila might have a few choice words for Anthony and Jay. Drink every time someone says they don't read "the blogs!"


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