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Yea or Nay: Heidi's New Hairdo

A serious matter that concerns all right thinking people everywhere, kittens.

Heidi Klum at the "Project Runway" and "Germany's Top Model" press conference in West Hollywood, California.


Let's face it, she's still a beautiful woman no matter what she does, but her hair was what made her so striking. If she thought she needed a more mature 'do because she's getting older, well, we can understand the thinking behind that but supermodels get to break the rules a little and do things like wear micro-minis well past their 35th birthday. She still could have gotten away with the big lion's mane hair for years to come. Besides she always looks good with her hair pulled back and now she can't really do that. Not to mention, it's just not that great a cut. Oh, we're sure it cost about as much as your average mortgage payment, but it's too blunt and the bangs are a skosh too low.

Are we being bitches?

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