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Alek Wek for How To Spend It

Workin' it like no other.

The Financial Times' monthly magazine How To Spend It
Editorial: Global Gathering

Photographed by Andrew Yee

Styled by Damian Foxe

Y'know, we will always take a moment to look at whatever Alek has been doing lately because she is such a stunningly beautiful and talented model, but we have to say, we prefer to see her in looks that don't play so much on her Sudanese background. Not that there's anything wrong with it, but it's kind of expected. Her striking and exotic looks work so much better when she's wearing typical high fashion (if there is such a thing). With her, it's more powerful when you have that juxtaposition of someone who looks like an African goddess wearing European and American styles. Granted, these looks aren't exactly literal, but there's definitely a strong African and Caribbean influence.

Still, we're being picky. It's Alek Wek. She simply can't take a bad picture, nor is there an outfit that ever looks bad on her. She's just that good of a model. The clothes are gorge, the pictures are gorge and the model is gorge. Shut up, T Lo. Enjoy the pretty.

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