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Cannes Watch: Carey Mulligan

Rosemary's baby's baby.

Azzaro Fall 2010 Collection
Model: Maud Barrandon (WM)

Not since Madonna was running around trying to get everyone to believe she was Marilyn reincarnated have we ever seen a star ape another star's iconic look with such detail and accuracy. From the hair to the makeup to the Peter Pan collar, she's the spitting image of late '60s Mia Farrow. To be honest, it's such a literal recreation of someone else's look that our first impulse is to declare it a little creepy and unimaginative, but we're suckers for late '60s Mia and it's certainly not an overdone look, like say, a Bardot rehash would be. Besides, it takes brass ovaries to chop off all your hair right at the second you're becoming a movie star. We have to salute her for that. And we have to salute her for this look, which is adorable on her, with a slight, but not literal retro feel to it. IN.

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