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Glee at 2010 FOX Upfront After Party

Gleek Fashion.

New Directions (by the way, did it take anyone else as long as it took us to get that joke? Say it outloud fast), showed up in their finest for the FOX Upfront after party. Let's assess, shall we?

Lea Michele

Jesus. The Erdem dress is cute enough, but what the hell is going on there from the neck up? She looks like Jo Anne Worley. Look it up, young'uns.

Amber Riley

A big "HELL, no" to the idea that bigger girls can't wear busy prints. She looks cute.

Dianna Agron

Flawless in Michael Kors.

Heather Morris

We'd like the dress more if it had some color to it. You can't do shapeless AND colorless at the same time. Her hair looks cute, though.

Jane Lynch

She doesn't always make the best clothing choices, but she usually does a great job (or has a great job done) on the makeup. It isn't always easy to do "fresh-faced" when you're hovering around 50, but she's got the face and the coloring for it. We don't mind the pants, but that top just looks wrinkled and too casual. The necklace is pretty, though.

Jayma Mays

That dress is adorable but it needs jewelry. She looks a little bare. A simple bangle or something would have completed the look.

Jenna Ushkowitz

Cute. Give her something to do on the show, Glee people!

Jessalyn Gilsig

We realize it's a casual event for the most part, but she had to know her picture was being taken. This is a bit too shapeless and deshabille (Yes! Used it in a sentence!) for our tastes. We've tied the sashes on our bathrobes with more care than that.

Kevin McHale

Chris Colfer

Cory Monteith
Fine. If you don't want to wear a tie, that's your choice, but men should always button their jackets if they're posing for a picture.

Mark Salling
If you have to wear a mohawk (and we've read reports that he hates it), then this is the look to go with it. He looks hot and stylish. Could've done a better job tucking the shirt, though.

Matthew Morrison
Cory, take note. This is how you should look if you're going to an event without a tie.

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