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Heidi Klum Launches Maternity Line

For the tall, leggy, pregnant German in you.

Heidi Klum attends the Heidi Klum's - Mom's-To-Be Night Out at A Pea In The Pod in Beverly Hills, California in a Jenny Packham minidress and Christian Louboutin heels to launch her new summer 2010 maternity line.

Here are a couple pieces from her strangely monochromatic line of maternity clothes:

Enh. They're alright. Unsurprisingly, they look like what Heidi wears when she's pregnant. So if you're a genetically superior, 6 foot blonde with a supermodel body who carries all of her pregnancy weight in a bump on her stomach but nowhere else leaving you free to fit into skinny jeans in your 3rd trimester, these are the maternity clothes for you, girl!

Let's do what we do best here (among other things) and judge Heidi's outfit.

Jenny Packham Fall 2010 Collection

Tight, short, shiny, as expected. We really like the top, but the sequined skirt looks tacky to us. And the "Sandy" shoes don't help. Still, she's Heidi. This is how we expect her to look. In a way, we're really looking forward to her 40s, when outfits like this go from shrug-provoking to hilarious. In just a few short years, Heidi is going to have to make a choice. Is she going to be an aging supermodel in the Iman mold or in the Janice Dickinson mold? Place your bets now!

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