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In or Out: Ashley Greene

Because it's been about 20 minutes since someone said "Are you guys NUTS?!"

Ashley Greene attends the 12th annual Young Hollywood Awards after party sponsored by JC Penney , Mark. & Lipton Sparkling Green Tea held at the Ebell of Los Angeles in Antonio Berardi.

Antonio Berardi Fall 2010 Collection
Model: Ksenia Kahnovic

Honestly kittens, we're not trying to get you all to post comments in a fit of rage; really, we're not. We're terrified to admit this, but yes, we really do like this look, even though we once swore on Vogue that we would never, ever like a look that gave you the impression the wearer had exited the ladies room too quickly or was in the process of exiting a hotel room after a nooner.

It boggles the mind, but even though everything about this look screams "LOOK AT MY TITS," we can't help thinking that it's a beautiful dress with a beautiful fit and a beautiful neckline. We will admit that we're mostly talking about the black version on the model. The white version on Ashley here steps a bit over the tacky line. We don't mind a little saucy flash of lace giving the impression that we're getting a peek at some ladythings, but because it's white with a black bra, and because her girls fill that thing out way more than the model's, she's not looking saucy so much as she's looking a little desperate. It's a shame; if the white version of the dress had a cream or ivory-colored "bra" it probably would have worked as well as the black-on-black version does.

The hair, makeup and shoes are all good - although that makeup is a bit heavy, no? And we like the idea of the dress, so we're giving this a tentative IN. Don't hate us, kittens! We can't help it! She looks hot! Apparently we're just as hypnotized by boobs as our straight brothers!

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