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In or Out: Veronica Webb in Christian Siriano

Wrapping it up in a big bow.

Veronica Webb attends the 2010 American Ballet Theatre Annual Spring Gala at The Metropolitan Opera House in New York City in Christian Siriano.

Christian Siriano Fall 2010 Collection

She's clearly a Siriano fan, since she wore one of his dresses to the same event last year. And while we thought she looked fabulous in that getup, we can't in all honesty say the same about this one. Celebrities, please take into account what your outfit is going to look like after sitting in a limo. This is a dress for someone who's going to stand the entire time she's wearing it, which means it's a dress for someone who plans on walking to the red carpet or being lowered onto it. Which means it's a terribly impractical dress.

And speaking of impractical, how about that gigantic thing on her shoulder? It's so huge that you can see it's affecting her posture. She's ever so slightly leaning in the opposite direction, probably because if she stood upright, she'd crush it. Again, if your dress requires that you can't look to your left while wearing it, then it's a terribly impractical dress.

And finally, the shoes. They're cute, but we can't say we love them paired with that dress. To much for one outfit. OUT.

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