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Mad Ladies on the Red Carpet

Betty knocks one out of the park! Peggy...doesn't.

January Jones attends A Night Of Fashion & Technology With LG Mobile Phones Hosted By Victoria Beckham & Eva Longoria at Soho House in West Hollywood, California in Alice + Olivia paired with Jerome C. Rousseau sandals.

Alice + Olivia Spring 2010 Collection

Oh, honey! We're so happy for you! You found gays!

How else to explain this sudden turnaround in red carpet fortunes? This is a gal who routinely goes out looking like she got dressed blindfolded, so it's just so refreshing to see her looking so... refreshed! She is rocking the hell out of that white. The hair is cute, the makeup looks fresh. Betty! You're a new woman! May the gays never leave your side again.

Meanwhile, back at the office...

Elisabeth Moss attends the premiere of Universal Pictures' "Get Him To The Greek" at the Greek Theatre Los Angeles, California.

Oh, honey. No.

We'll start off by saying it's a pretty dress and it does great things for her figure. The problem is the color. She really should stay away from drab grays, even when they are paired with a purple. She's so naturally washed out that pale colors like this do her no favors. Her go-to colors need to be rich and saturated. Eggplants and fire engine reds. Not this, Peggy. Same goes for your makeup. A little color would go a long way.

And oh, Peggy! Your HAIR. You look like OLIVE OYL. And honey? That ain't good.

We realize that she's got a high forehead and fine hair and that's not always the best combination. She's never gonna have big blown out hair and we wouldn't expect her to. But surely there are better alternatives than this 1930s prison matron 'do aren't there?

[Photo Credit: wireimagecom]

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