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Met Gala 2010 - Part 3

We can't stop ourselves, bitches!

Claire Danes in Burberry

She looks fantastic. Heavy eye makeup and loose hair was all the rage last night but only a handful of ladies pulled it off as well as she did.

Emma Watson in Burberry

We think on a slightly older gal this might read as bridal and on a much older gal the slit would probably be too much but she's young and she looks sweet and it all works. Not the most exciting look in the world but she definitely didn't make any mistakes.

Emmy Rossum in Kenneth Cole

It's a really great color and we love the ruching detail. We're not entirely sold on the obnoxiously large jewelry though. Her makeup looks good put this is such a party colored dress that we wish she'd been a little more fun with the hair.

January Jones in YSL

Oh please. She looks like a New Year's Eve decoration. A cheap one. And those Miss Piggy gloves are so wrong for that dress. Then again, we're not sure what would be right with that dress. And what the hell is going on with her eyes? She's all Bladerunner from the neck up and Wrought Iron Barbie from the neck down.

How is it that January and Christina Hendricks have the benefit of being dressed for work by the best costumer working today, making them two of the most beautiful women on television - like, iconically, unforgettably beautiful - and neither of them can pick out a simple dress that doesn't make them look crazy or hopelessly tacky? For Christ's sake, ladies. Just ask to borrow something from the Mad Men closet. Retro is always a better idea than cracktastic.

Jessica Alba in Sophie Theallet

Well. It looks like SOMEBODY remembered this is not only a formal event, but the style event of the season. Nice to see her bring it, from hair to makeup to dress to bag to jewelry, she looks perfect.

Jessica Szohr in Versace

It's pretty. It's eye-catching. No complaints here.

Kate Hudson in Stella McCartney

She looks good. Not great, but good. We hate all the goofy shit she pulls when her picture is being taken.

Mary J. Blige in J. Mendel Spring 2010

We like the dress and the way it's all drapey and romantic. Love that color on her. We think she's wearing too much - and too heavy - jewelry and that hair is not helping the look.

Oprah Winfrey in Oscar de la Renta

Yes, that's probably too much skirt but Oprah has a history of wearing these voluminous unflattering things and it's nice to see her so well fitted up top. Christina Hendricks, take note: this is what a properly fitted set of major mammaries is supposed to look like. That fitted waist is doing her a ton of favors. Oprah, dress like this more often.

Rachel Weisz in Oscar de la Renta

Yawn. How many times has ODL made this dress?

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