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Met Gala 2010 - Part 4

Oh, what the hell. Let's do one more.

Brooke Shields in Michael Kors Fall 2010

It's all right. She's not edgy so we wouldn't expect anything more from her than simple and classic. It serves her well.

Emilie de Ravin in Valentino Spring 2010

Cute dress but completely wrong for this event. Hate the shoes.

Eva Longoria in Marchesa Spring 2010

Bleh. It's just so "Eva Longoria in Marchesa," y'know? To paraphrase the great Edina Monsoon, "You're just a soap opera actress, you know. You can drop the attitude."

We hate where the hem hits in the front.

Iman in Prada

Bow down, motherfuckers.

Janet Jackson in Lanvin Fall 2010

It's a such a rare occurence but we're pleasantly surprised to find ourselves liking something that Janet Jackson is wearing. It's boobalicious for sure, but it's got a kicky little style to it, what with the sleeve and the glove and the flounce on the hip and the whatnot. It's sharp.

Kate Bosworth in Valentino Spring 2010 Couture

It's like a migraine in dress form.

Katy Perry in Cute Circuit


Kirsten Dunst in Rodarte

It looks a little bridal, but only a little. That's the prettiest she's looked in a while. Love the back.

Kristin Davis in Vintage Rochas

Pure saloon girl. Puckery and unattractive. Hates it.

Maggie Grace in Vera Wang

She looks really sweet. Love the color on her and love the little headband. Her hair and makeup are perfect.

Mila Kunis in Vera Wang

She's turning into quite the little red carpet presence lately. It's risky but still has a smokey beauty to it. Love the detail on the bodice and the multi-layered skirt. Decayed Romantic.

Rosario Dawson in Giambattista Valli

Oh, honey. We just feel so bad for her. She looks so pleased with herself. Apparently she doesn't realize that the waist cuts her in half and the bust makes her boobs look like they're being smothered. Plus: tit bow. Rarely a good idea.

Sienna Miller in Emilio Pucci Fall 2010

We're not crazy about the shoes and the hair, makeup and jewelry are all just so-so, but we love this dress.

Taylor Swift in Ralph Lauren

Oh, GOD. Doesn't it seem like we've seen her in this same virginal dress plenty of times before? Step it up, honey. You're boring us.

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