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Never leave us again, Don Draper.

Everything looks cooler on or near this man.

It is a beautiful pre-Mother's Day and we are going to take a break from our normal wordy ruminations because there are cannoli, cards and flowers to be picked up. We'll be back in a bit with something suitably opinionated about something somebody wore or something like that, but for now, let's just celebrate and anticipate the upcoming season of Mad Men with these on-set pictures of stars Jon Hamm and January Jones in full-on mid-sixties drag. That is some Lady Bird Johnson-ass hair on Betty there. People like to think that Betty's going to continue to remain iconically fashionable going forward in the story, but everything about her character points to a staid upper-middle class early matronhood like so many of her generation and station.

As for Don, well. It's Don.

[Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News/Photo Agency]

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