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NEWSFLASH: Everyone on Project Runway Gets Their Own Show!

Okay, maybe not EVERYONE.

Kittens, there are two new Lifetime shows coming your way featuring the faces of Project Runway. Not spinoffs, but definitely pulling from the same well. One of them stars Santino and Austin Scarlett, and the other one features Heidi and Seal. We'll let Variety explain:

"The Santino/Austin series will follow the quirky duo as they cross the country finding women in need of a fashion makeover.

"Project Runway" alum Rich Bye, who worked on the show early in its run, is on board to exec produce the show."

Okay, seems a little bit of a done concept, but you can't argue that these two are definitely camera-ready. Could be interesting.

But wait until you hear about the Heidi show!

"As for the Klum/Seal project, which does not yet have a production company attached, the couple plan to travel the country to help couples in need of coaching. Tentative title: "Love's Divine."


Kittens, don't you LOVE it when celebrities declare themselves lifestyle gurus? "Okay, what you need to do to turn your life around is be born totally gorgeous with a fantastic body and then you have to write and record some best-selling pop songs! Good luck! Auf wiedersehen!"

Oh, we are DEFINITELY tuning into that one. A bottle of wine will be required drinking. Maybe we'll open the T Lounge and all get drunk as we watch!

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Source: "Lifetime constructing 'Runway' spinoffs" [Variety]

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