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Patricia Field's Swimsational Disco Soirée

It's swimsuit season, poodles!

Sex and the City costume designer Pat Field knows 2 things very well: how to accessorize and how to promote herself. With the rabid press attention brought on by the premiere of SATC2 at her back, Pat threw a "Swimsational Disco Soiree" to launch her swimwear, eyewear and beach towels line at Hudson Terrace in New York City.

Project Runway alums Kalyn Hemphill and Stella Zotis attended.

As for the wares on display...

...Darlings, it's what Pat Field does. Cracktastic, Studio 54-inspired dragstavaganzas. You won't be seeing most of these looks on the beaches of America, but who cares? We're not scene queens by any stretch, but we have to admit, that party looked like a lot of fun.

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