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Sex and the City 2 Premiere in NY

Hit it, girls!

Sarah Jessica Parker in Valentino Spring 2010 Couture

She looks great. Great color on her, the fit's fantastic, it doesn't make her look too desperate (which has been a problem as she's gotten older), the hair flatters her. A head-to-toe A+.

Kim Cattrall in Naeem Khan

A++. She looks even better. In fact, we don't think we've ever seen her look so good. Love the hair.

Cynthia Nixon in Carolina Herrera Fall 2010

Also looks great! Cynthia learned that she is best served in stark and simple dresses without a lot of gewgaws. She looks sleek and sexy here without having to resort to a lot of attention-getting tricks. Hair and makeup are adorable.

Kristin Davis in vintage Jean Desses

Also looks great! But maybe a little expected, kinda! But then again, we'll take it! You know why? Because of the four of them, she's the one who makes red carpet mistakes the most often. It's a pink strapless sheath and that's so very Charlotte, which is what makes it perfect for her.

Liza Minnelli in a desperate state of mind

Sweet Jesus on a breadstick, what the fuck is THAT?

No, seriously. With Liza, it's best to hold on to the phrase "It's the drugs" to explain away the inexplicable, but not even drugs can explain this masterpiece of what-the-fuckery. Not even total blindness can explain it. A coma might. Like, she's been unconscious for years and they just prop her up at these events in whatever they can get on her, in this case, it was obviously trash bags. But honey, next time have your nurses spend a little time arranging the cutlets better. Little tip: you're not supposed to tuck your top into them.

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