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Shelley O: Pink (First) Lady

It's definitely the color of the season, ladies.

First Lady Michelle Obama arrives for a White House youth leadership and mentoring event at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. in Narciso Rodriguez.

We think it's cute. It's perfect for the event. Looks like that Barbie pink is the color on everyone's minds this season. We don't love it, but you can guarantee that everyone there could see her, even the people in the cheap seats. Besides, strong colors like that are perfect for her. The hair and makeup are simple and fresh; again, perfect for a day event like this. Love the draped neckline and the brooch. Our Mad Style posts have inspired a newfound love of the brooch. We hereby entrust Shelley to bringing them back in a big way.

We don't love that kind of full skirt on her, but what can we do? She didn't ask our advice. Yet. We're just happy to see her going beltless, even if we don't love the silhouette.

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