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Vogue UK: Far from Heaven

Your morning dose of fabulous.

Dolce & Gabanna

As the crack editorial team at T Lo International Communications met for its daily early morning editorial meeting (7:30 AM, coffee, pajamas, and at least two cats), we tossed around ideas for posts. Should we start with that top ten list we've been compiling, the one that's sure to get a lot of comments? No, not ready yet. Many pictures to be gathered first. How about that plus-sized model in the swimsuit? Gonna need at least another cup of coffee before we tackle that one. The Project Runway topic that people have asked us to tackle for years now? Again, pictures need to be compiled and critical faculties toned to perfection before we can try that one. How about supermodel Shalom Harlow in a retro spread for Vogue UK? Perfect. Who could argue with so much pretty?

This isn't an editorial that challenges the viewer in any real way. The clothes and the model are uniformly pretty throughout and the pictures are beautifully styled, staged and shot. It's nothing but pure pretty to get your day started. They're trying to pass these looks off as '50s-inspired but we have to tsk-tsk them for that. These are clearly '60s-inspired looks. More Mad Men than Douglas Sirk.

Rochas/Betty Jackson

Bottega Veneta

Dolce & Gabbana/Erdem




DKNY/Paul Smith Black/Emporio Armani

Marc by Marc Jacobs

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