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2010 Tony Awards - Part 2

Broadway (and not-so Broadway) Babies, part 2.

Catherine Zeta-Jones in Atelier Versace

We don't like the dress. It's too fussy-looking and it does weird things to her hips. But the real story here is the makeup, which is RIDICULOUS. Sure, if you're appearing onstage at the Tonys, you want to wear the makeup they can see in the cheap seats, but you also have to take into consideration that you're going to be photographed up close, as well as broadcast all over the world. The eyelash, and especially the matchy-match 1978 blue eyeshadow, are HORRIBLE.

Idina Menzel in Carolina Herrera

It's a pretty enough dress. We don't know Idina Menzel's body (not as well as her husband's anyway), but we don't think she's that thick around her middle. Two things: either she isn't that thick around her middle and the dress is making her look so, or she IS thick around her middle, which is no crime, but she should pick a dress that flatters her better. Either way, the silhouette just ain't working here.

Katie Holmes in Giorgio Armani Privé

Drab. Drab and sad. Drab and sad and ill-fitting in the bust and hem hitting at a weird place and poor choice of shoes. We're done here.

Lucy Liu in Marchesa Fall 2010

Pretty and fluffy and ruffly and ever-so-pale pink. Marchesa dresses are like unicorns. And just like unicorns, when you see too many of them, you get kind of sick of them.

Melanie Griffith

She's been going out looking a right mess for too long to count. This is the best she's looked in a long, long time. That sounds a little like weak praise, so let us amend that: she looks great, full stop. She could've gone for a little more polish in the hairdo.

She looks SO MUCH like her mother now.

Paula Abdul in Tony Ward Couture

Also looking better than she has in a long time. We don't love the dress, but she usually wears such tacky messes that we're just happy to see her in something a little classic and under-played. Hair and makeup look good too. In fact, she looks pretty healthy, which is a definite step in the right direction for her.

Viola Davis in Vera Wang

This is a "good on paper" dress. It's got everything we would normally praise in a dress but it's just not wowing us as much as we'd like. We love the color and it looks great against her skin, but the shininess and subsequent wrinkling is pretty distracting.

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