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2011 Resort Collections Sampler

Commence opinionating!

Darlings, we are still in the throes of a post-holiday weekend carb coma, fueled by way too many hot dog buns, potato salad, and macaroni salad. But for you, our minions, we are forging onwards.

Let's all take a look at some pieces from a bunch of different resort collections and then let's all have opinions about them. Ready? GO!

Gucci Resort 2011

That's an awful lot of grays and neutrals for a resort collection but we do like the chic, urban, slightly military feel going on. Gorgeous prints; low-key but in a good way.

Roberto Cavalli Resort 2011

Glorious technicolor, darlings! You will never get us to compliment a harem-panted jumpsuit (at least not while we're sober) but we love the jet-set feel here. This is a party girl's wardrobe.

Missoni Resort 2011

More color, in an African/South American vibe. Some of this stuff is a little too busy for our tastes, but we can't deny that these are some gorgeous clothes. This is the wardrobe of a party girl with an advanced degree in anthropology. J'ADORE the bangles!

Okay, bitches: your turn.

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