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Cool, Crisp Shelley O

Hunh. We were wrong. How about that?

Michelle Obama participates in the graduation ceremonies at Anacostia Senior High School in Washington, DC in Michael Kors.

We've been telling Mrs. O for years that she needs to stick with jewel tones and rich colors and yet here she is in an icy blue - almost a pastel, really - looking chic and cool and fabulous. So never let it be said that these two queens can't admit when they're wrong. New rule: Shelley O should only wear jewel tones and rich colors and this one shade of pale blue. She really looks fantastic.

On another note, we can't help looking at these pictures and thinking just how thrilling it must be if you're an African-American high school student and this is your First Lady, showing up to congratulate you. We're verklempt just thinking about it. Put aside the politics and whatever your personal opinions might be of her and just think about how that must feel for them.

[Photo Credit: gettyimages]

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