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Emporio Armani Spring 2011

What's that old Woody Allen line about how no one ever fetishizes liberals? is hot and bothered:

"Black leather dominated the collection, and a clip from Lady Gaga's "Alejandro" video that played at the finale was a reminder that Giorgio and Gaga collaborated on her latest. It was presumably the S&M erotica of that new hit that provoked one particularly dark group, with wild-boy models glowering through heavy eye makeup and sporting slave chains, studs, and grommets."

Well hell, that sounds like our social life in the '90s.

Some of the leather stuff evokes early 20th Century European fascism pretty strongly (just like the Alejandro video does), but it's a take on fetishwear which has always played around with those themes. If it makes you uncomfortable just know that it's designed to make you uncomfortable. People bring different references to the table so some might look at this and see Nazis whereas others will see Saturday night at the local BDSM club.

We featured the bathing suits in a separate post the other day and weren't exactly clapping our gay hands over them, but damn. Giorgio, we'll take two of everything else, including the models. But maybe you could leave the leggings behind.

Watch the show:

[Photo Credit: - Video: YouTube/lucianoburgos]

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