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Heidi at Germany's Next Top Model Extravaganza

Shit. We're proud to be Americans and all, but ...

Kittens, check out how they do fashion-based reality television in Germany. These pics are from the "Germany's Next Top Model" finale at the Lanxess Arena in Cologne, Germany. Check the guest stars: Kyle Minogue and Katy Perry. Check Heidi dressed like she's working the docks between gigs.

Heidi Klum, Kristian Schuller and Q

Finalists: Laura, Hanna and Alisar

WHAT THE FUCK, AMERICA? Why is our tacky fashion reality television so dreary in comparison to the European version? Why don't we have more stadium-based fashion reality television events where superstars show up dressed like whores and parade through massive sets that make the Oscars look like community theater? Why don't we pass fashion reality show finalists through the crowd to be handled like strippers? Why don't we have more naked dancers on fashion reality television? Why, America?

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