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In or Out: Katherine Heigl

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Katherine Heigl attends the premiere of "Killers" held at ArcLight Cinema's Cinerama Dome in Hollywood wearing an Oscar de la Renta combo and Burberry shoes.

Oscar de la Renta Pre-Fall 2010 Collection/Spring 2010 Collection
Models: Marina Peres/Regina Feoktistova

The first time we saw these pictures, we both had such an overwhelmingly negative response to them that we fear we may have injured ourselves. We try to string together our thoughts and critiques so that what we write is at least a little enjoyable to read but all we could come up with initially was "WOW. I hate it! I hate ALL OF IT!"

We realize that some people out there have a vehemently negative opinion of Miss Heigl but we assure you, we're not those people. Not because we have huge amounts of love in our hearts to spare for celebrities; it's just that we've never really seen her do anything. Her TV show remains proudly unwatched in our home, as do her various movies. Oh wait. That's not true. We once sat through about 45 minutes of that Knocked Up movie and turned it off due to the waves of sexism pouring forth from our TV. She at least had the good sense to trash the movie later for that very sexism. Yeah, that seemed to piss a lot of people off, but we thought it spoke well of her.

Anyway, our point is, much like SJP, it has become fashionable to hate this celebrity and maybe people have a point, but we never cared enough so don't think our antipathy toward her outfit has anything to do with her. If Red Carpet Goddess Tilda Swinton came out looking like this we'd say the same thing.

Anyway, here are the critiques: the top and the skirt are both lovely, but not together. And we're thinking she's not the type for such fussy pieces anyway. She strikes us as the sleek and chic type, in terms of what looks best on her. In addition, that Good Ship Lollipop hair is so awful that we are forced to conclude that if she does have gays on her payroll, they either hate her or they're all blind. We don't believe in matchy-match accessories, but she's got three shades of pink going on between the shirt, belt (which looks cheap) and clutch. That's a bit much. On such a fussy outfit a little unifying of colors would have served her better. But hey, we love the shoes.


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