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In or Out: Megan Fox

Rosie the riveting.

Actress Megan Fox attends the premiere of "Jonah Hex" held at ArcLight Cinema's Cinerama Dome in Hollywood in a custom-made Armani Privé dress and Brian Atwood shoes.

Armani Privé

Well, there's no denying she's wearing the shit out of that frock. Yeah, it's very low-cut with a very high hem, but we've given her a pass before for that kind of thing. She's young and she's got a sexpot image to maintain, not to mention it's her night, what with the movie premiere and all. Besides, we can't really say she looks vulgar or anything. She just looks like a young, hot-to-death movie star shilling the hell out of both herself and her movie.

The only thing that grates is that tulip hem. We hate 'em. Always have. When they're knee-length, they make the wearer look knock-kneed, and when they're short, like here, it's like the dress is screaming "Here's the magical doorway to my vagina!"

Still, she's the very image of a sexpot movie star and that was the whole point to this outfit. For accomplishing exactly what she set out to do, she's an IN.

But the Morticia hair is not something we love.

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