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In or Out: Natalie Portman

Let's break this one down. We'll need a Dry-Erase board and markers in 6 different colors.

Natalie Portman attends the TV Land's 2010 AFI Life Achievement Awards Honoring Mike Nichols at Sony Studios in Los Angeles in Christian Dior.

Christian Dior Resort 2011 Collection
Model: Keke Lindgard

We're always encouraging the use of color on the red carpet because we like to pretend that every starlet in Hollywood is hanging on our every word. "Never mind Vogue! WHAT DID T LO SAY?!?!?" Even so, we have to say this is one time we like the black version better. But soft pinks are both in and something of a Portman go-to since she's got the looks for the color. It's a cute dress. It looks a little bit like she has coral growing over her boobs but that might be because we fell asleep in front of the TV last night watching Oprah tell us about Life in High Definition and the last thing we remember was something about coral eating each other.


Like we said, it's a cute dress in a Portman-y color. And check out those sensible shoes she's got going on. Why, kittens. Are those kitten heels we spy? Let's all light candles and pray for the end of 20-lb. shoes of anger. We're tired of starlets walking the red carpet looking like they have bear traps on their feet. We give her credit for choosing a shoe that gives her lower back a bit of a break but they don't actually look like they fit that well.

In addition, that clutch is entirely too twee for an adult to be carrying around. That's a ten-year-old's Easter purse.

Good choice on the dress, bad choice on the bag, interesting choice on the shoes. That's an IN. Overall she looks fresh and cute.

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