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In or Out: Teresa Giudice

Whole lotta crazy going on.

Teresa Giudice attends the 4th annual Ladies Night Out benefit
at The Brownstone in Paterson, New Jersey.

Okay, first things first: Our society's ever-increasing need for celebrity culture has expanded faster than true celebrities can be produced, resulting in red carpet events in Paterson, New Jersey. Are you happy now?

Second: We said last week we would love to see the return of turbans. We take it back.

Third: We are going to firmly hold on to the fiction that we have no idea who any of these "Housewives" are. Especially the desperate, grasping Jersey models. Is this the one who flipped over the table? Or the one who declared bankruptcy? Or the one that everyone assumes is "connected?" Oh wait. Everyone assumes they're all "connected," don't they?

Fourth: This getup makes her look totally "crazy lady."

Fifth: In all likelihood, given that she is a member of the Bravo Housewife brand, she almost certainly is a crazy lady.

Sixth: Unless this is a pool or slumber party she's attending, there is absolutely no excuse for anything going on in these pictures.


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