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In or Out: Tilda Swinton

Thou shalt not wear less than a 4-inch heel.

Tilda Swinton attends the premiere of "I Am Love" at the School of Visual Arts
Theater in New York in Fendi.

Fendi Fall 2010 Collection
Model: Magdalena Frackowiak

Love the shoes, love the hair, but oh, HONEY. That DRESS. There is a tendency with Tilda to say, "It's TILDA! She's ALWAYS in!" And sure, we are among those who constantly throw accolades her way for her original style and risk-taking, but that doesn't mean she always gets it right every time.

It's an interesting dress, that's for sure, but it kind of looks like she belongs to some religious cult that demands extreme modesty from the knees up and fabulous shoes from the ankles down. Like she's following some ancient text half-written by women-fearing straight men and then later revised by a couple of queens with a shoe fetish.

At any rate, there is once again disagreement between T and Lo. T says, "To hell with the Swinton worshippers! Sometimes, she DOES get it wrong!" To which Lo replies, "To hell with YOU! She' WORKIN' IT, BITCH." Therefore, we have to deem this one an IN/OUT.

It will be up to you, our beloved minions, to determine her final fate since your fairy blogfathers aren't up to the task.

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