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Jil Sander Menswear Spring 2011

Happy boy clothes. sets the scene:

"To a soundtrack of vintage techno, almost by definition the most unnatural sound known to man, he presented a profusion of color—but unlike any colors you'd find in nature. Intense fluoro shades were combined and layered to create a synthetic sundae. A hot pink shirt paired with bright orange pants sounds like the kind of combo that might generate some hibiscus heat. In Simons' hands, it was a cool, precise challenge to nature's own chaotic palette."

Bottom line, it's certainly a lot of fun to look at. Whenever someone tries to break men out of a limited color palette, we can only applaud. On the other hand, we're not in love with some of those prints. Still, nothing wrong with the occasional bright vibrant collection with beautifully tailored pieces coming along to throw a little light on the sometimes too-serious menswear world.

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