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John Galliano Spring 2011

Little tramps. observes Galliano getting his Chaplin on:

"Why Charlie? The rationale was that the designer wanted to make a statement about new proportions in menswear, and the Little Tramp's shrunken jacket and baggy pants seemed like a good place to start. Hence, Galliano's dropped-crotch pants and jackets fitted to the body (exaggeratedly so for the show). A trench in a Lurex military twill might not have been specifically Chaplin-esque, but it captured his flagrant dandyism."

New proportions in menswear. Because nothing says "modern" and "new" like a silent screen star. Nothing against Chaplin or even against the idea of utilizing him as an icon to sell your collection, it's just that the irony kind of jumped out at us.

To be honest, this is a show and a collection a little low on the crazy for Galliano. If it weren't for the Chaplin staging, we're not sure this would be all that memorable. There are, as always, plenty of pieces that totally deserve to be in our closet and paid for by that rich sugar daddy we never quite managed to snag, but as a whole, it's leaving us decidedly underwhelmed.

BALMAIN for women