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Jonathan Peters Spring/Resort 2011

Pixar made a collection!

S7 Project Runway contestant Jonathan Peters showed his Spring/Resort collection recently at Styleweek Providence Fashion Week.

"Jonathan Joseph Peters explores his undying commitment to romance in his Spring/Resort 2011 collection, 'Ingenue.'

Peters pays homage to a more subtle and subdued color palette while interpreting the emotions of these colors into garments. Three-dimensional applications, sinuous lines of draping, and darkly whimsical adornments take 'Ingenue' to a place that nods to the fantastical and the equestrian.

Peters carefully plays counterpoint to light airy designs with opaque substantial leathers, and juxtaposes the formality of pieces with a sporty and/or deconstructed flavor. “Ingenue” is a true expression of Jonathan Joseph Peters, showcasing hand-dyed textiles, fabric augmentation, and fearless use of color."

As you may remember, we adored Pixar even when his tastes and ours went in completely opposite directions. Much like Jerrell Scott, another PR alum, we think he's got great potential and an intriguing point of view, even if it isn't to our taste. We're not seeing the "fearless use of color" mentioned in the press release, but we do see a lot of interesting shapes and concepts, as well as the textural qualities that define his aesthetic. It's not for us but it's an ambitious collection that's true to his sensibilities. Congrats, Pixar!

[Photo Credit: Courtesy of Daniel Gagnon Photography/Jonathan Peters]

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