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Lifetime Expands Project Runway to an Hour and a Half for S8

Can't keep a "secret."

Frau Seal dropped a little bombshell to the L.A. Times:

"If something ridiculous does happen, we're not going to turn the camera off and not air it," says Klum. "But we don't instigate anything; we don't cast people just because they're funny. They have to be good designers. That's the No. 1 priority for our show, and I think that's why it's lasted so long."

"I'll give you a little inside scoop. We're going to have more time next season," she announces. How will they manage that? "We're going to make the show an hour and a half long," adding a half hour to the running time. "It's for all the people out there who need to know just a little bit more of what's going on."

What do we think of this? Well, it sounds like they have a plan to milk the drama a bit more. We don't necessarily have a kneejerk negative reaction to that because frankly some of the best moments of the show's history revolved around a little bit of drama. On the other hand, it could mean a greater focus on the technical side of things (although we really doubt that). Is there still going to be a Models of the Runway show? There. You have your discussion points.

Source: 'Project Runway's' pattern of success [LATimes]

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