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Marc Jacobs Resort 2011

Pretty clothes for robot girls.

Vogue does a little style-shaming:

"This was Jacobs at his most joyous, with the designer reclaiming that generally most despised fashion epithet, pretty. The sixties refrain that has been playing throughout these collections was perfect here: a frothy lace dress color-blocked in cream and pink with spangled high heels (as a side note, you might want to absorb the fact that some of his pale, jeweled shoes had square toes—and just as you were getting used to swapping the round for the pointed)"

Ladies, we're just the pissed-off bitchy gays to tell you this:

A) Don't let Vogue make you believe that "pretty" is something bad.

B) Don't you dare let Vogue shame you into yet another minute change to footwear, implying that you must now replace all the shoes you bought the last time they decided some minute change in footwear was de rigeur. Square toe, pointy toe, round toe. Who cares? Does it make you look good? Can you wear it? Can you afford it? Do you already have a pair that looks like this? There. You have now answered every question that matters when it comes to buying shoes.

Moving on from our little tangent... yes, it's true. As Vogue says, it's a pretty collection. But there's boring pretty and there's just plain old pretty and we think this falls more into the latter category even if the pictures do their best to look as boring as possible. The colors are subdued, but chic and modern-looking. There are bunch of lovely details like the outsized pockets in contrasting colors and the eyelet-like cutouts on the hem of a skirt. We love the jackets and coats, very clean and tailored, but with a softness and femininity. We may rag on the man for the way he presents himself to the public, but we've never denied that he was a hell of a designer.

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