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Michael Kors to Receive Lifetime Achievement Award at CFDAs

Baby Duchess!

The Council of Fashion Designers of America has announced that our very own Duchess, Michael Kors, will be receiving the Geoffrey Beene Lifetime Achievement Award. Congrats, Michael!

WWD has a profile and interview of everyone's favorite quip machine, along with some great pictures.

"Upon hearing the news, he was 'first surprised, then blown away, then shocked — oh my God, is it the Middle-Aged Award? The Oleg Cassini Award? And then, at the end of the day, honored. Because it’s competitive. You’re competing for clients, you’re competing for floor space in a store, you’re competing for attention, you’re competing on the red carpet. So nothing could be a bigger compliment.”

“I like something familiar and unfamiliar at the same time,” he explained, undaunted by the query. “If it’s totally unfamiliar, it’s like, ‘I have to quit my job and not talk to my friends to figure out how to wear it.’ We make the clothes that people actually live in, they hold on to.”

“I’ve always thought that the right clothes do a little voodoo. Do you feel thinner? Do you therefore feel more confident? Are you comfortable and sexy at the same time? Whoever’s in your life, do they look at you and say, ‘Yeah, pretty hot’? Are your friends a little envious? It’s a lot to expect out of a blouse!”

Michael Kors Fall 2007 - Fall 2010 Collections

“I know this sounds so hokey, but how fortunate am I?” he said. “Most people go to work and hate what they do. Most fashion people are in it because, absolutely, they love it. You should remind yourself, I could be selling subway tokens. This — it’s a gift.”

Say what you will about the man, he makes clothes that people want to wear and he's been doing so for a very long time. We make no claims as to his true personality, but at the very least, he should be commended for presenting a persona that's so down to earth and unpretentious while achieving such heights in a profession that oftentimes rewards pretension.

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