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Oscar de la Renta Resort 2011

Pretty on parade.

Vogue nails it:

"The gamine is back, in all her bow-trimmed, boater-hatted, bourgeois-chic glory: It’s as if a postadolescent Madeline read Bonjour Tristesse, quit the convent school, and decided to hit the road to see the big wide world. She’s been pretty busy of late, what with all the international traveling—one minute St.-Tropez, the next Shanghai. Now she’s in New York for a resort-season-long sojourn, turning up today at Oscar de la Renta. "

ODL rarely makes a misstep. You could say that's because he never colors outside the lines, creatively speaking, but the end result is always graceful, beautiful, old world-style clothes. It's tough to argue with that. He can get pretty stale at times but this isn't one of those times. It's all pretty and fresh, all the way through. We like. Except for the boaters.

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